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Our architecture facilitates deployments that are flexible and ready for Cloud computing.

Small and Large Hardware

Appendium has a small footprint and we have been able to install a complete system, including all communication modules and DB with realistic and large datasets on a laptop.  Its architecture will also take advantage of larger deployment environment on multiple CPUs and large amounts of RAM.

Operating Systems

Our technology stack is not tied to a specific operating system, anything that runs Java 6 can run Appendium.  As such the system has been tested on:

  • Windows XP 32 bit
  • Windows Vista 32 bit
  • Open Solaris
  • VMWare Server 2.x


Deployment of the client GUI is often a very difficult and lengthy process prone to errors and mis-configuration.   We have solved this issue by requiring a single installation on the server and using the standard WebStart mechanism for the client GUI.


Once again, in order to suit our clients’ needs and environments our technology stack does not mandate a specific database; the system has been tested with:

  • Oracle 10g/11g (recommended)
  • MySQL 5
  • MS SQL Server 2005