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Technology Overview

Appendium® Ltd has vast experience in designing, implementing and supporting enterprise applications in the finance industry.  We believe that a high level of integration is key to facilitating straight-through-processing (STP), reducing costs and minimising the potential for errors.

We put emphasis on security and scalability, ensuring that the multiple options are available to the development team as and when required.

Our technology stack of choice is a multi-tier architecture based around Java; offering an industry standard for portable, scalable, open technologies that can be used in all tiers.

Cloud computing is becoming an important factor and, as such, Appendium Ltd has tested its suite of applications in virtualised environments with great success.

Enterprise integration is a difficult subject but fully understood by our team; we typically recommend the separation of concerns and the use of a flexible Enterprise Server Bus in conjunction with a staging area for data processing. That way, it is possible to isolate the integration code and provide maximum flexibility and internal control when required.  Data staging and validation, prior to transfer to the production environment, ensures data integrity and provides scalability.

Exporting and accessing your data is a critical aspect and, rather than restricting it, we typically provide real-time exports (csv/xml)  based on events and/or snapshots but we also use a standard relational database, should you require such access.

As a showcase of our knowledge and skills, our leading product, Appendium Portfolio, uses such a typical architecture:



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