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Prime Brokers and Broker Dealers

Prime Brokers and Broker Dealers face the challenges of multiple business lines and trading activities, high volumes, complex products and global trading. To meet these challenges they require a software solution that provides comprehensive front-to-back functionality, is scalable and secure and can be easily adapted to meet evolving business requirements.

Feature Highlights

  • Multi-legal entity real-time global position management
  • Securities Borrowing/Lending and Tri-party/Bilateral Repo transaction management
  • Automation and management of SBL and Repo orders
  • Basket trading tools
  • Automated generation and transmission of lending availabilities
  • Management of margin calls
  • Automated mark-to-markets
  • Benchmarking and automated rate resets
  • Support for proprietary, client and matched-book business
  • Profit and loss analysis
  • Automated confirmation and statement generation
  • Real-time credit exposure calculation
  • Automated credit limit, liquidity, leverage ratio, short sale and concentration alerts
  • Advanced real-time system and reference data interfacing capabilities
  • Advanced analytics for improving business intelligence
  • Open standards enterprise technology

Key Benefits

  • Improved productivity and accuracy in both the front and back office
  • Improved counterparty credit risk management
  • Improved collateral selection and utilization
  • Improved business intelligence and resource optimization
  • Scalability to handle large books and trading volumes
  • Ability to offer clients advanced interfacing capabilities for straight-through-processing