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Hedge Funds have traditionally relied upon their Prime Broker to manage their securities and cash financing activities. However, recent market events and the shift to multi-prime relationships means that hedge funds must take a much more proactive role in the financing of their portfolios and managing collateralized relationships.

Feature Highlights

  • Multi-fund and multi-PB/custody position management
  • Automation of borrow/return orders and tracking
  • Management of margin calls
  • Tracking NAV and leverage ratios
  • Utilization of excess assets to generate cash
  • Cash sweeps and FX Swaps to reduce funding costs
  • Real-time credit exposure calculation
  • Automated credit limit, liquidity, leverage ratio, short sale and concentration alerts
  • Securities Borrowing and Tri-party/Bilateral Repo transaction management
  • Securities and cash settlement processing capabilities
  • Full position, transaction and stock borrow audit
  • Advanced real-time system and reference data interfacing capabilities
  • Advanced analytics for improving business intelligence
  • Automated reconciliations with Prime Brokers and internal systems
  • Automated downloads of Reg SHO and short sale restriction data
  • Full auditing of stock borrow locates

Key Benefits

  • Diversification of financing capabilities
  • Reduction of counterparty credit risk
  • Reduced financing costs through proactive financing
  • Reduced stock borrow recall risks through relationship diversification
  • Improved financing productivity and accuracy
  • Reduced compliance overheads and risks
  • Consolidation of data into a single application