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We deal with a range of institutions, including prime brokers, broker dealers, hedge funds, investment managers and custody banks. We believe that an understanding of your business and the challenges you face are key to defining and meeting your requirements.

Prime Brokers and Broker Dealers

Prime Brokers and Broker Dealers face the challenges of multiple business lines and trading activities, high volumes, complex products and the demands of global trading. To meet these challenges they require a software solution that provides comprehensive front-to-back functionality, is scalable and secure and can be easily adapted to meet evolving business requirements.

Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds have traditionally relied upon their Prime Broker to manage their securities and cash financing activities. However, recent market events and the shift to multi-prime relationships means that hedge funds must take a much more proactive role in the financing of their portfolios and managing collateralized relationships.

Investment Managers and Custody Banks

Investment Managers and Custody Banks have recently faced many challenges in their securities lending businesses. For these institutions, the risks and rewards from lending securities and reinvesting cash collateral must be quantifiable and manageable.